The PotlatchDeltic website,  has a gone live with a new website. For full information about their recreation use program, including a printable version of the recreation guidelines and maps. Starting in 2019, PotlatchDeltic will begin offering exclusive campsite leases in selected areas of North Idaho.

What you need to know before you go

Thank you for your assistance in making the PotlatchDeltic Recreation Access Program a success.  We hope that you enjoy your forestland experience.  Feel free to post your pictures or comments about your property visit on our Facebook page at


Individuals interested in recreating on PotlatchDeltic property must first obtain a recreation access permit. Permits are available through their website. Immediate access is granted upon completion of the permit process.


To be prepared for the permit purchase process you will need the names, driver's license numbers and ages of all adults you will be listing on your permit. You will also need a description and license number for each vehicle, OHV, or RV that you intend to place on the permit. Once you have this information in hand completing the permit process is easy.


If you do not have access to the internet, or live out of the area, you may contact us at 866-437-7711, and we will assist you in completing your permit purchase.



At present the PotlatchDeltic camping policy allows for unlimited camping between April 10 and December 10. It is acceptable to set up a season long camp on PotlatchDeltic property, however: you are responsible for the safety and security of your camping equipment or any personal items you leave unattended on PotlatchDeltic property.


Please keep a clean campsite, dispose of trash and waste in an appropriate manner, and observe fire restrictions during periods of high fire danger.


Target shooting-

While this activity is presently allowed on PotlatchDeltic property we expect those discharging weapons to keep the safety, security, and peace of mind of other individuals who may be recreating nearby in mind. Target shooting will not be tolerated after dark or in heavily populated camping areas unless all campers are in agreement.


Mud bogging-

Mountain Meadows, areas along stream banks, and PotlatchDeltic's extensive road system are all subject to damage by thoughtless individuals who choose to use their vehicles or OHV's in such a manner as to create ruts, compaction of the soil, or damaged vegetation that can take years of recovery time as well as expenditures of funds by PotlatchDeltic. This activity will be prosecuted.



Please DO NOT block gates. You must keep in mind that equipment needing behind a gate is generally much larger than a standard motor vehicle, so unless you can park in a manner where heavy equipment can get by your vehicle choose another parking location. If you inhibit industrial operations from taking place you may be liable for the cost of time lost.


Bypasses around gates may be used by OHV of 50" in width or less. See PotlatchDeltic's website for further details.


All vehicles are to remain out of active logging operation sites, even if the gates are open.



You are allowed to collect firewood for use at your campsite without a firewood permit. However, if you are going to transport firewood from our woodlands to your home, you must have a firewood permit in possession. Firewood permits are only available through the PotlatchDeltic website.


Criminal activity-

If you see or suspect criminal activity maybe taking place on PotlatchDeltic property, you are encouraged to call the local county sheriff or our hotline number, 866-437-7722.


Three things to keep in mind as you use PotlatchDeltic land:

  • All activities must comply with all applicable federal, state or county laws and regulations.  This includes proper licensing of vehicles.  The company and its contract security patrol staff (QSI), cooperate fully with local and state authorities. 


  • Compliance with company use regulations is NOT OPTIONAL.  Visitors are required to learn in advance if their planned use of PotlatchDeltic land is appropriate and which restrictions may apply.  If you cannot find specific information, on the PotlatchDeltic website, to answer your questions, you may call QSI at 208-623-2539. 


  • Expect that your activities on PotlatchDeltic land may be checked from time to time by patrol personnel.  Your cooperation with our patrol staff is NOT OPTIONAL.  It is a requirement for continued access to PotlatchDeltic lands. 




Public use of PotlatchDeltic's privately owned land is a privilege granted by the company to the public.  Increased recreation use requires road maintenance and repair of damage cause by regular use.  Unfortunately, damage from malicious misuse also occurs, resulting in costly repair and replacement of assets, including soils and trees.  Misuse and abuse of the forestlands is simply unacceptable, and PotlatchDeltic must find ways to control misuse.  One method is to work with responsible visitors to see that individuals and groups follow common-sense use policies, and to hire QSI professionals to patrol company lands to discourage, apprehend and prosecute those who are irresponsible.  DO YOUR PART AS A RESPONSIBLE VISITOR AND REPORT VIOLATIONS AND ABUSE OF POTLATCHDELTIC LAND BY CALLING TOLL FREE 866-437-7722. Our hotline is staffed seven days a week.


Visitors are responsible for determining when and where restrictions apply.  To make the PotlatchDeltic general guidelines, rules and specific restrictions easy to obtain and understand, PotlatchDeltic maintains signs throughout its Idaho properties.  As well, a list of rules and regulations is available through the PotlatchDelticebsite at  Specific questions can be addressed to QSI by calling toll free,  866-437-7711. Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM.


Thank you for your assistance in making the PotlatchDeltic Recreation Access Program a success!  We hope that you enjoy your forestland experience.  Feel free to post your pictures or comments about your property visit on our Facebook page at




Additional Photos

Gates are open (except Mt. Spokane) and Firewood season has started.  Please be careful of wet roads - do not rut them with heavy loads.


ALERT!  Heavy logging truck traffic on the M40. Yarder cables are crossing the roadway and ATV trail pulling logs from downhill.  Operators cannot see the roadway or trail creating a very dangerous situation so ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES are allowed in the area.  This includes ATV/UTV/Motorcycles and all full size vehicles.  The roadway and trail is signed as closed.  Travel beyond that point is restricted and can result in the loss of all permit privleges.   Expect travel through this area to be closed for 6-8 week, including on weekends.






You must carry fire equipment. (bucket, shovel and fire extinguisher)


Speed limit is maximum 25 MPH.




Please check each land owners page for updated information concerning the fire dangers and restrictions.

ATV's must be 50" or less to go around closed gates.

Empire Trails is open.

Empire Trails is open for summer bike riding and hiking-and for winter cross country skiing and snowshoeing.


Empire Trails (non-motorized bicycle and hiking trail) located near Spirit Lake. Daily non-motorized permit $2.50 or purchase an annual permit for unlimited use.


Be sure to check out the IEP printable maps!

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