Special Places

Certain areas can be sensitive due to plant or wildlife species found there.  They require additional visitor awareness and protection.  We hope that you will enjoy them and care for them as much as we do.

Mica Meadows - A Special Place

The area around Mica Meadows has a rich history of use by Native Americans, homesteaders, prospectors and timber harvesters.  All of these use have brought changes to this beautiful area, such as the building of the logging flume which diverted water from Mica Creek during the early 1900's.


Today, Mica Creek is one of the most carefully monitored free flowing streams in North America.  In 1990, Potlatch initiated an extensive, long-term study of the effects of modern forest practices on this stream resource in cooperation with the University of Idaho.  The data collected from this study helps guide forest practices ensuring that forest practices have the lowest impact possible on water quality.


What about the "human factor"?

With our forest management partners, doing all that they can to protect this historically and environmentally rich area, it is time that we turn to those who enjoy recreating in Mica Meadows and ask them to do their part.  Certain types of recreation activities have contributed to negative impacts with the meadows so it has become necessary to establish special rules to protect this resource.


Many of these negative factors can be greatly reduced by simply pulling land use back away from the stream banks, which act as a filter to protect water quality.


Rule #1 - No camping, motorized or wheeled vehicles will be allowed within 75' of any open water.


By simply moving your campsite back from the stream banks and restricting your use of ATV or other motorized vehicles within the 75' zone, we can help ensure the balance that is necessary to keep Mica Creek and Mica Meadows healthy.


Rule #2 - No privies may be located within 75' of any open water.


While we recognize the need for facilities to capture human waste and maintain sanitation throughout the area, it is imperative that these facilities be pulled away from areas where waste byproducts could leach into the streams feeding Mica Creek.  We request that visitors make use of self-contained recreational vehicles or locate privies a minimum of 75' away from any stream.


We love this area, so are there other ways we can be helpful?


The spread of invasive noxious weeds is a great concern.  Some of these weeds will crowd out native vegetation if they are left unchecked.  You can help by making sure that you do not contribute to the spread of noxious week seed through ATV use or equestrian use of trails throughout the area.  We recommend the use of weed free hay and a simple visual inspection of your ATV undercarriage to help protect this valuable resource.


Please practice "Tread Lightly" principals by packing out all trash or personal belongings that you bring with you.  Also make sure your campfire is "dead out" before you leave your campsite.  This includes those times you may temporarily leave your campsite to hunt or recreate during your stay.


More information will be forthcoming as we continue our efforts to protect this and other special places.  Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated.  To report unlawful or suspicious activities, call toll free 866-437-7722.

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Gates are open (except Mt. Spokane) and Firewood season has started.  Please be careful of wet roads - do not rut them with heavy loads.


ALERT!  Heavy logging truck traffic on the M40. Yarder cables are crossing the roadway and ATV trail pulling logs from downhill.  Operators cannot see the roadway or trail creating a very dangerous situation so ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES are allowed in the area.  This includes ATV/UTV/Motorcycles and all full size vehicles.  The roadway and trail is signed as closed.  Travel beyond that point is restricted and can result in the loss of all permit privleges.   Expect travel through this area to be closed for 6-8 week, including on weekends.






You must carry fire equipment. (bucket, shovel and fire extinguisher)


Speed limit is maximum 25 MPH.




Please check each land owners page for updated information concerning the fire dangers and restrictions.

ATV's must be 50" or less to go around closed gates.

Empire Trails is open.

Empire Trails is open for summer bike riding and hiking-and for winter cross country skiing and snowshoeing.


Empire Trails (non-motorized bicycle and hiking trail) located near Spirit Lake. Daily non-motorized permit $2.50 or purchase an annual permit for unlimited use.


Be sure to check out the IEP printable maps!

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