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A reminder: All firewood gathering ends on October 15.


Active logging on Brickel Creek, Scenic Lodge, M10, M7, M17 and Miller Creek. Travel may be restricted until the last load is out, approximately 3pm during mid week. Open on weekends.


IEP gates that are normally open, are now open. 

With the weather conditions changing, please use caution on the roads as they may be soft and slick. Please use 4-wheel drive, if possible, to help lessen the damage to the road network. 


No green wood may be removed as firewood, even if it is a blow down. If it is wet wood when it gets to the gate attendant site, you will be unloading it there. This is due to some folks cutting down live trees, saying it was a blow down, when it wasn't.



ATV's must be 50" or less to go around closed gates.


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Inland Empire Paper Company

IEP manages 117,000 acres of timberlands in northeastern Washington and northern Idaho to produce a continuous supply of high quality saw logs to area sawmills while securing a stable wood fiber supply for their paper mill in Spokane, Washington.


IEP is committed to stewarding this renewable resource through their managed practices of logging and replanting their acreages, much of which has been owned by the company since 1952. 


IEP forestlands are located in nine geographic units that extend from St. Maries, Idaho in the south to Northport, Washington in the north.  The largest contiguous block is in the Mt. Spokane, Twin Lakes and Spirit Lake area consisting of nearly 60,000 acres.  Since this area is close to Coeur d'Alene and Spokane, it has a year round attraction for public recreation use.


As a neighbor to the Mt. Spokane State Park, IEP has worked closely to help consolidate Park holdings through beneficial land trades.  They have promoted the continued development of park recreation assets by loaning the expertise of their forestry staff to aid in the expansion of the Nordic trail networks, much of which is located on IEP property.  They have cooperatively worked with the Park to provide expanded opportunities for visitors engaging in winter time recreation activiteis through the active grooming of Nordic ski trails.


QSI has operated a managed recreation program for IEP since 2001.   We share a common interest in ensuring the public has an opportunity to achieve a quality recreation experience in their forests while protecting the varied resources that are dependent upon a healthy forest environment, such as; watersheds producing clean water for municipal consumption, habitat to sustain and support the many species of birds and animals that reside there, and by protecting native species from non-native noxious weeds.



New non-motorized trails in Spirit Lake
Opening day of the Empire Trail.
Spring ride



A reminder: Firewood gathering closes on October 15

No green trees are to be taken on IEP lands, even if it is a blow down.

Please check each land owners page for updated information concerning the fire dangers and restrictions.

ATV's must be 50" or less to go around closed gates.

Empire Trails is open.

Empire Trails is open for summer bike riding and hiking.


Empire Trails (non-motorized bicycle and hiking trail) located near Spirit Lake. Daily non-motorized permit $2.50 or purchase an annual permit for unlimited use.

Be sure to check out the IEP printable maps!

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