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Whether our client is the owner of a small tract of land, owner of thousands of acres, or a public land manager, the issues surrounding effective access and recreation management have proved to be much the same.  Today's forest land managers are faced with increasing public use of their properties which is resulting in additional costs associated with road maintenance, trash removal and repairing environmental damanges.  In today's streamlined world of operations, land managers often lack the staff or expertise to deal with public use issues such as criminal activities, trespass, or unsafe recreation practicies that can no longer be ignored.


Our trained staff of professionals will develop an access plan that addresses your unique concerns while meshing the program within the framework of your company goals and objectives.  Our goal is to develop a workable program that will be well received by the public while promoting your company or agency's image with the public at large.  We strive to provide a level of service that eliminates the stress that public use has been creating for your staff, while at the same time, building good will  and creating a positive return from the recreation assets inherently found on your forestlands.


Achieving voluntary compliance is our specialty.  We create a format that encourages property visitors to "do the right thing".  We elicit their support of each access program's rules of use and educate them to become defenders of your private property rights.


"We perish from lack of knowledge".  This statement is true of damages done to your forestlands.  In many instances, offenders are not even aware that their actions are wrong or are causing an adverse environmental impact.  With seventeen years of behavioor change through education, our access and recreation management systems ensure that a property visitor is knowledgeable and then holds them accountable to their new level of understanding.


There is no one "cookie cutter" approach to access and recreation management.  Many companies are now realizing that the recreational value of their forest lands is an asset that needs to be effectively managed for its revenue potential.  More and more companies are moving away from simply managing the nuisance of public use to managing the income that such use can create.  Our staff will help you to inventory the recreational opportunities available on your property and recommend which activities meet your company's level of risk acceptance.  Programs vary widely from those allowing motorized access to those that allow foot traffic only.  Some programs require individual user fees for property use while others embrace recreational leases or no-fee access solutions.  No matter what type of program might interest you, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you design and implement all of the details to create a successful access management program.


If you are faced with the challenge of reducing impacts or creating revenue from property use, you've found the professionals capable of helping you create an effective access and recreation management program.  Contact us today!


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Shelley Tschida



Bio: I have been at the helm of QSI for the past 18 years, helping our local forest land owners find solutions to both public use and abuse problems. As a lifelong resident in small communities dependent upon the forest and outdoor recreation industries, it has been my oppertunity to create partnerships between these two dynamic business models.  The resulting positive benefits gained by both the landowners and the recreating public have fueled the continued interest in our company. Thanks for letting us serve you.


Phone: 208-623-2539

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Patrick Tschida



Bio: I have had the pleasure of bringing my knowledge of forest resources and recreation management experience to use in developing recreational use strategies that safely interface with the industrial environment found on actively managed timberlands.  Visitor safety and landowner risk management are at the heart of my activities within the company. 


Phone: 208-623-2539

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